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Our next meeting is at the E-gineering office.

8415 Allison Pointe Boulevard, Suite 200
Indianapolis, IN 46250

E-gineering's office is right behind the old Knowledge Services location (Map)


01-30-2013Productionizing JVMsMichael Dowden
02-27-2013Moving Spring 3.x to JEE6Bryan Varner


10-24-2012JodaTime & RoboCodeTroy Kelley & Don TaggartE-gineering
11-21-2012Robocode IIIRobots of DestructionLooking for Sponsors!
12-26-2012No MeetingEnjoy the Holidays!
10-11-2012Big Data (IndyJUG Free Lunch)Brice GiesbrechtBCforward
09-26-2012News and IndyJUGMike Slattery and Brice
08-29-2012No MeetingSummer break
07-25-2012No MeetingSummer break
06-27-2012Spring and EIPBiju Kunjummen
05-30-2012Rock SOLID SoftwareMatt StineApex Systems, Inc.
04-25-2012No Meeting - Spring Break
03-28-2012XACMLDan GradlE-gineering
02-29-2012MongoDBJohn NunemakerMongoDB
01-25-2012NoSQL DatabasesTom HunterAllegient
12-28-2011No Meeting
11-30-2011Java cloud services / Robocode IIMichael Slattery
09-28-2011ClojureCarin MeierGigasquid Software
08-31-2011TransactionsTom HunterAllegient
07-27-2011SeamRay PloskiJBoss
06-29-2011No Meeting
05-25-2011DroolsRay PloskiJBoss
04-27-2011Erlang (& Java)Eric MerrittManning Publications Co.
03-30-2011JBoss TeiidJoel TosiJBoss
02-23-2011The Joy of Apache JMeterChristian DesserichE-gineering
01-26-2011Cloud ComputingJohn EllisBluelock
12-29-2010No Meeting
11-17-2010Robocode IIndyJUGFusion Alliance
10-27-2010Open discussion on source control and change managementDoug Brown
09-29-2010Apache WicketBrad FritzFewer Hassles, Inc.
06-30-2010Java Encryption and licensing
04-28-2010Solr and Camel (Apache foundation projects)
03-31-2010Open Forum
02-24-2010Android Demonstration
11-18-2009Behavior-Driven Development with
JBehave, Fit, Fitnesse, and Cuke4Duke
Dale King
11-18-2009Java EE 6.0 Architecture & GlassfishEd
10-28-2009Introduction to SpringEd Delaney
09-30-2009Mingle at the Fox and Hound
05-27-2009Ruby on RailsRussell Scheerer
04-29-2009Using Spring MVC annotations and a mini intro to JQueryTroy KelleyE-gineering
02-25-2009Automating Your Builds with Maven and HudsonBrad Fritz
10-29-2008Aspect Oriented ProgrammingTroy Kelley
08-27-2008Local Companies Meet and GreetMark Steenbarger
07-30-2008Java Powering Search - A Case StudyJoe DurkeChaCha
06-25-2008WaveMaker - Visual Ajax StudioWendy
05-28-2008Spring - Refining the Handling CycleEd LancenTier Training
04-30-2008Spring Security 2Troy KelleyE-gineering
03-26-2008JAMES and the JavaMail APIMike SlatterySearchSoft Solutions
11-28-2007JBossTyler Mendenhall
09-26-2007Ruby On RailsRussell Scheerer
08-29-2007JavaFXJim Weaver
07-25-2007GeronimoTim McConnellMoser Consulting
06-27-2007What does Open Source mean to Java?Ian MurdockMoser Consulting
05-30-2007Java Q&AJoe Ottinger
04-25-2007Java CertificationsBrice GiesbrechtMoser Consulting
02-28-2007iBatisJeff ButlerMoser Consulting
01-31-2007Unicode and JavaBrice GiesbrechtMoser Consulting
10-25-2006Local Java UsageMark Steenbarger
08-30-2006Java Persistence APIDave Marquam
07-26-2006Java Server Faces (JSF)Matt DeCapua
05-31-2006Clustering the JBoss Application ServerMatthew Quinlan
04-26-2006Mapping POJO Domain Model to a SOAMatthew Adams
03-29-2006Introduction to Rules EnginesBrice Giesbrecht
02-22-2006An Overview of the Rational Unified Process (RUP)Troy KelleyE-gineering
01-25-20062006 Goals and outlook for indyJUG in 2006Mark Steenbarger
11-30-2005Domain Driven Development with TrailsChris
10-26-2005AJAX (DWR)Mike Ball
09-28-2005The Art of Agility and the Agile Unified Process (AUP)Sinan Si Alhir
08-31-2005Developer Testing and MethodologiesAgitar
06-29-2005Design Patterns: Gof4 and in-depth look at CoRMark Steenbarger
05-25-2005Hibernate: Taking a look under the hoodDave Marquam
04-27-2005Intro to Software ArchitectureRuth MalanBredenmeyer Consulting
03-30-2005Portals and Portlets Part 2Kurt DesserichE-gineering
02-23-2005Struts and MVCBrice Giesbrecht
01-26-2005Portals and Portlets Part 1Kurt DesserichE-gineering
11-17-2004Spring FrameworkWei Lei
10-27-2004Round Table discussion on topics for next yearMark Steenbarger
09-29-2004EclipseDave Marquam
08-25-2004HttpUnitMike Slattery
07-28-2004Hibernate: An overviewTyler MendenhallE-gineering
06-30-2004XPathMike Dockery
05-26-2004Design Patterns
04-28-2004Model Driven ArchitectureCompuware
03-31-2004What?s new in JDK 1.5 (Tiger)
02-25-2004Service-Oriented ArchitectureRafael TorresBEA
01-28-2004Java Data Objects (JDO)Patrick
11-19-2003JSP Custom TagsEdgardo
10-29-2003GoF / J2EE Design PatternsTroy Kelley / Alex HorwitzE-gineering
09-24-2003WebLogic WorkshopBEABEA
08-27-2003JBoss Application ServerChris BonhamThird Eye Consulting
07-30-2003Java 3D PrimerKurt Kirkham
06-25-2003JUnit - Making Unit Testing WorkDavid Marquam
05-28-2003Model Driven Architecture - An IntroductionFranco FloreCompuWare
04-30-2003Open Source Round tableTate StuntzFusion Alliance
03-26-2003Liquid Data for WebLogic 1.1BEABEA
02-26-2003Java SocketsKurt Kirkham
01-29-2003Java FrameworksDave Stevenson
11-20-2002Fundamentals of RUPTony Hutson
09-25-2002Java QA with a look at AntMike SlatterySearchSoft Solutions
08-28-2002Java Message Service (JMS)Chris BonhamThird Eye Consulting
07-31-2002Application SecurityGerald QuakenbushFusion Alliance
06-26-2002Jim WeaverLearning Assistant Technologies, Inc.
06-26-2002Error FilterMike SlatterySearchSoft Solutions
05-29-2002AgendaMark Steenbarger
05-29-2002EJB BasicsJeff BlockBEA
04-24-2002Web ServicesMike Burba
04-24-2002Quality AssuranceMike Slattery
03-27-2002Case Study:
02-27-2002Java Certification
01-30-2002CVS / Open Source Kick Off
11-28-2001Discussion of .NET and its impact on Java
10-30-2001Vendor presentation: BEA SystemsBEA
09-26-2001XML & Regular Expressions
06-27-2001ANT and Design by Contract
05-30-2001Job Queue open source project
04-25-2001Open source projects
03-07-2001Open source projects

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